Welcome Lee University students!
  The Leonard Center partnership with The United Way of Bradley County’s Volunteer Center (www.volunteerocoee.org) offers a variety of service opportunities for individual projects, and/or student organization requirements.


To get started, follow these easy steps: 

1. Go to theVolunteer Center to register as a volunteer.

2. Visit theVolunteer Opportunities search page to sign-up for a project.

3. Attend the project at the specified time.

4. Track your hours using your Volunteer Center account or print off a Volunteer Project Form to be signed by a supervisor from the organization where you serve.


It is your responsibility to choose projects that fit within the Leonard Center guidelines. The Leonard Center cannot approve service hours for any of the projects listed below:

·         Projects in which the primary recipient of the service is a for-profit organization.

·         Projects in which the student's family members are the primary recipients of the service.

·         On-campus service that serves the Lee community.

·         Singing, playing, or performance-based service.

·         Work for which the student receives pay.

·         Playing sports or exercising (including fundraising walks and runs) to raise money for a cause.

Note: if a student performs a pre-approved fundraiser for a cause and raises money through that service, then the student will be granted credit for the amount of time spent serving, but not for the amount of money raised.



How do I “turn in” the service-learning hours that I have completed?

For every ten hours completed outside of a service embedded course, registration for SERV-101 for .25 credits is required. Once completed, submit a and then submit a print copy of your volunteer center account or volunteer project form and a two- page reflection paper to the Leonard Center by November 1 and/or April 1 of the respective semesters.


The reflection paper should be formatted in 1” margins, all text should be double-spaced using 12-point Times New Roman font, and have evidence of critical thought and answer the following questions:

  1. What? What was the purpose of the project and what did it accomplish?
  2. So what? Why does it matter and how did it help the organization accomplish its mission?
  3. Now what? Has this experience changed my perspective and how will it affect my future?

Lee University Volunteer Opportunities

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