National Volunteer Week 2015

A huge congratulations to all of our nominees! We had a record number of nominees this year, which made choosing the winners a monumental task. We were encouraged by each and every one of the stories of volunteerism. 

The award winners in their respective categories were:

Family Volunteer:
Gary Family

This family has worked with campers, peoples with special needs, Veterans and their families. They can be trusted to do any volunteer position. This family is always up...they never have a bad day! This family personifies giving, they are always eager to help in any and every capacity; quick learners, they involve the youngest to the oldest in giving to their community. Their selflessness and dedication to the programs are beyond words!

Health and Environment:
Joyce McNish

Joyce McNish is a woman who cares for others, particularly Special Needs individuals and our Veterans. She has been a tremendous help with parents of Special Needs children because she has walked in those shoes herself, as a single parent for 24 years, raising a child who never walked or talked. Joyce's love for our Veterans and her feeling that all of our Veteran services should be free of charge, as they have already paid the price, led her to secure a grant from the Home Depot Foundation for a Treehouse/Pavilion for Veterans at Eagles Rest Ranch. Joyce is helping the SpiritHorse mission at Eagles Rest Ranch reach throughout our community.

Youth Programs and Education:
Erica Moreland

Erica Moreland has volunteered at the Northside Neighborhood House as both a board member and art instructor for the past two years. Erica is a self-taught artist who continually researches new art techniques and teaches them to the children during the school year. Through her service on the NNH Board, Erica has contributed ideas and resources that have helped the NNH to grow into the credible organization it is today. She volunteers her time at NNH fundraising events, contributes ideas and insight into program practices, and also supports the NNH financially.

Kristen Edgeworth

Kristen’s biggest impact can’t be measured by any tracking or by hours kept. She has committed to building relationships with participants and staff. Not only has she formed meaningful, lasting relationships with our participants but all of us trust her. Not only does she assist with all of the activities, but she goes out of her way to show kindness, patience and compassion to each of us. Kristen is very unique in that she does not need these hours for school or credit and she comes in of her own dedication to this program and these adults. Kristen’s initiative is very inspiring, she engages the participants from the moment she walks in the door until she leaves.


Roper always gives generously of their time and money to better the community. They hold quarterly volunteer projects, plan golf tournaments benefitting United Way, and volunteer with the YMCA. Generosity is embedded in the culture at Roper Corporation. They understand the importance of giving back.

Jim Houghton

Jim Houghton is an outstanding tax-assistant. He has helped hundreds of impoverished individuals file their taxes free of charge.

National Service:
Bertha Ware

Bertha Ware won the National Service Volunteer of the Year for her work as a Foster Grandparent at the Orange Grove Center. As a Foster Grandparent, she serves as an assistant to help the classroom teachers with their students.